Case Study contributed to the new issue of Philipp Kotler’s textbook ‘Marketing Management‘

Together with her co-authors Lars Lengler-Graiff (Multichannel Market Intelligence Specialist IKEA Group) and Ulf Wenzig (Sustainability Manager IKEA Deutschland), Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Schons contributed a Case Study to the chapter ‘Managing a holistic marketing organization in a sustainable way’ of the new issue of Philipp Kotler’s textbook ‘Marketing Management’, the most successful standard textbook in marketing.

In the Case Study: ‘People, Planet, Positive: Determinants of a successful CSR strategy and communication - the example of the brand IKEA’ Prof. Dr. Laura Marie Schons and her colleagues discuss the challenges which companies face when communicating their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement to consumers. With their CSR strategy ‘People, Planet, Positive’ IKEA committed themselves to a very ambitious sustainability strategy that aims at adopting socially responsible business processes and reach 100 percent resource and energy-independency by 2020. To ensure that their CSR communication meets customers’ demands and expectations, IKEA carried out a large-scale scientific study in collaboration with the research team that included a sample of 220.000 German IKEA customers and was awarded the German Science Award (category: best collaboration). The study stresses the need for organizations to adopted a ‘inside-out’ approach and first organize the business processes within the own company in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner, before they become proactive as a committed ‘Corporate Citizen’. Further, it points to the crucial role of inviting customers as important stakeholders to the discussion table and hear their voice to design a CSR strategy that meets their wishes.

For those interested, the 15th edition of ‘Marketing Management’ was justOpens external link in new window issued.